ARRE BABA – a short film by TTT

Author profile Click to watch Arre Baba is a short-film by Surya Balakrishnan starring Girish Kulkarni and Gauri Deshpande published in May, 2015. It is a heartwarming portrayal of a typical father daughter relationship. The whole film revolves around this father and his daughter; the father coming on a bicycle to pick his daughter up […]

HONDA (The Pit) | Kannada Short Film

Author-Pratik Shetty Honda is a short film by Prateek Shetty published on November 15, 2015. This is one of the two videos published by him, the other being a documentary.  Boasting a viewership of 2,741, it was well received as evident from the comments. In kannada, honda means ‘pit’; So the title speaks for the genre […]