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Find your angels through Shortfundly!

Got a short film and searching for funds? Shortfundly is the right place for you. Gather crowd-fund with this startup’s help. Turn your passion into your career. Film festivals attract film industry representatives who are looking for the next phenomenal film director, writer, cinematographer or actor. Submit short films to film festivals through Shortfundly and […]

About Shortfundly

Shortfundly – A platform where filming dreams become REALITY!

Have you ever been in a quandary where you had an amazing story to showcase but no resources to bring it to life? Fear not! The perfect panacea is none other than the Shortfundly platform, launched by Mr. Selvam (Founder) and Mr. Maha Rajan (Co-founder) in October 2014. With a vision of connecting every filmmaker […]

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Symbol of Wisdom

                Hello everyone,today morning after 5 PM alarm, felt dizzy ,since it is saturday mind is not ready to work but commitment gave a warning signal,while going through the calendar suddenly eyes stuck up on 8th of March .Yeah you guessed it right my mind thought about women […]

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Top 2016 ShortFilm

Hello everyone,today I am going to give a quick summary of top tamil shortfilm of 2016. Every big problems will have one simple solution,but everything lies on how we are approaching the solution.Now here we are going to see how abandon father is getting trapped by technology and by this how they are showing us […]

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As we know the phrase “short and sweet”, the short implies shortcut way to earn money , through talents ,that is, easy way to raise our monitary status. The very name of the company impresses all by the sight of viewing it which includes shortfilm promotion, shortfilm fund raising, art of teaching and supports, induces […]

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