Top 2016 ShortFilm

Hello everyone,today I am going to give a quick summary of top tamil shortfilm of 2016.
Every big problems will have one simple solution,but everything lies on how we are approaching the solution.Now here we are going to see how abandon father is getting trapped by technology and by this how they are showing us technologic addicts in the comedy genre.The film has an unusual start that is in the apartment balcony,a young man speaking to his wife regarding baby care taking ,on the other side of the call the lady instructs her husband, “to make the baby sleep just allow her to play games”,the irritated husband said that she is spoiling daughter’s future and he also yelled at her that he know how to put the baby to sleep.After the phone’s hung up he enters the sleeping room sees his only daughter “Nivasini” playing in mobile phone.After getting angered by her act he insisted her to close the gadget and have her sleep,the child begged for another chance but after his opposition she lied on the bed and started asking silly questions like “Why mosquito is so small?,Name origin of mosquito,Mosquito’s Curriculam vitae and so on …”.Irritated Shyam Vishwanathan tried his level best to shut her off but his pain goes in vain .After his failure attempts of mission “DAUGHTER SLEEP”,he finally gave up and gave the phone to her daughter and the film ends with the title card”THERI BABY”.
From this 7 min short film I get to know about a lot of information which I would like to point out here.
1.Don’t make children to get addicted to technology instead made addict them to books.
2.Don’t try bribe the children by saying if you do this you will get this which creates bad impact on them.
3.It is not necessary that always you don’t need to your partner’s idea .Don’t feel superior try to adjust the situation because everything cannot be changed within a day because” Even Rome was not built in a day”.
4.Don’t let your angry on children which will make them depressive in the future.
5.Finally spend time with family other than many scientific gadgets.
6.As per the staring note if the man listened to his wife there won’t be any rift between his child.

I,hereby want to conclude that this film will be a stick beat for every parents who are letting their children to use mobiles because future generation has to know about affection tradition etc,.To enjoy this happy ride just click this link.

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