Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Usually when people refer to the comedic approach of Marvel vs the more serious approach of DC , I find it very funny.

I was not raised with DC , I was raised with Marvel. Spiderman was one of my favourite heroes. In order of preferences was 1. Conan 2. Hulk 3. Spiderman and 4. Iron Man

The problem is that when I was reading those Marvel comics back then (obviously Conan is not Marvel) during the 80s and a bit of 90s , none of those heroes provided the comic relief that they do in the Marvel films.

Spiderman was pretty serious about who he was, he was no emotional teenager confused about his identity , seeking recognition and approval. He was a teenager that was very intelligent , determined, heroic and knew exactly what he was doing. Actually it was easy to forget most of the time that he was a teenager cause he resembled more an adult.

Hulk comics were extremely dark and Iron Man was not funny playboy hero, he was basically Marvel’s answer to DC’s Batman with a bit more tech but less combat skills.

Marvel never emphasised on the comic side of things , actually the very first time I was introduced to a comic orientated character was with deadpool.

So the Spiderman that is illustrated in the trailer is not a Spiderman I care about. My Spiderman has been perfectly represented with Adrew Garfield , that Spiderman is the Spiderman I was raised with but also the entire mood the film reminds me so much of the comics I used to read back then.

Not that I did not like the original Spiderman films, especially the second one with Dr Octopus was awesome.

So even though we name them “comic books” the “comic” part back then was barely visible and definitely nothing like it is now in Marvel films. Kids and teenagers back then were a lot more into violence and dark themes. Me included.

Of course not being faithful to the character is nothing new and definitely does not stop with Hulk, Spiderman and Iron Man. Christopher Nolan Batman films even though capture the atmosphere and especially the second one is amazing , they don’t capture the character of Batman, especially his very high intelligence which is what he relies on and not his ninja skills.

On the other hand I don’t put too much attention to this if the film is really good, also I always watch these kind of films anyway so there is no need for me to watch a trailer to go watch the movie.

But the truth is if these Marvel heroes were sent back in time in the marvel comics we were reading at the time , Marvel would not have lasted a week as a company. As kids and teenagers the last thing we wanted are political correct, kid friendly heroes.

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