Shortfundly is dedicated shortfilm video sharing platform. It’s an online home for indian shortfilm filmmakers.

Sharing online video is the new frontier of the digital media content world. Major players such as YouTube and vimeo have carved a pretty big slice of the market for themselves. But there is still plenty left for others looking to get their own piece. Chennai-based shortfundly has chosen to stake its claim on a very particular piece of ground; the startup is an online video distributor across all screens(ie., Mobile,Tablet and online) for original short films from india.

So far, As filmmakers, the films we made were being distributed physically, at film festivals. “But we said, we’re digital guys, we’re building digital methods of distributing content. So we experimented with putting our content online.”

An Indian shortfilm showcase

At first glance, Shortfundly seems pretty similar to sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You can browse through the different videos on offer and choose from a variety of languages, genres and channels. shortfundly shares plenty of new films every day. An Android and iOS app is also in development.

It’s about the content, not where you find it

The team found it could use this kind of syndication to get content in front of audiences it could never have reached otherwise – not without an actual presence in those markets. “We’re actually very strong in india”. The team is now exploring more potential partnerships.

Shortfundly service is currently offered for free. What we wanted to do from the start was build a loyal, engaged audience around our shared content.

Join creative filmmakers platform – shortfundly now. 

For now, filmmakers can submit their existing youtube,vimeo, dailymotion work to shortfundly in hopes to be featured on the site. Shortfundly does not currently offer monetary compensation to the creators whose work it features, but it also doesn’t imprison the content in any kind of exclusivity. Creators enjoy the increased exposure their films get.

Ultimately, Shortfundly wants to be a global home for Indian-centric stories. Shortfundly is a hybrid online video platform that combines curation and social publishing to distribute the best indian short films to millions globally

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