When we get acquainted with the word films, we first remember it as the television. Accept it or not but that’s what a young mind has always culminated which gets carried well into the adulthood. But are films just something that can be broadcast on the televisions for the viewer’s entertainment and pleasure or is it something more? Short films especially provide the leverage to today’s young filmmakers be change makers.

Short films have the advantage of being expansive though it does take a certain amount of time but one can be sure that the message to be conveyed will be done so, loud and clear. So how do we agree that short films are the catalyst to our society change?


The best part about short film making is that we don’t give a dime about what people think. It is the truth! The filmmakers in this arena are not really concerned with the public response unlike the traditional multimillion dollar film industry. The short film makers undergo large amounts like obscurity of lack of funds, zero support and the list goes on but that is just the part of fun. Some of the biggest names started with short films with an agenda to deliver quality films and it is heart-warming to see the continue walking down this road.


The general population is now aware of what is right and what is wrong and believe me when I say it that the short films have a huge impact on people’s perspective in the current scenario. Short films provide with a life like experience in which you can out yourself in the actor’s shoes and feel every emotion that he and she is portraying. This change in view makes the population more aware of a situation and as a result, more respectful and humble. Education, women safety, transgender plight, social discrimination against men are just some of the few issues that are brought under the light by these very short films and coax people to think differently.


Short films have the power to move people and shake their foundation of thoughts and force them to act on their new beliefs. Films being the huge medium that they are with lots of platforms like the YouTube and social media are the catalyst of change as they depict the wrong doings as they are with no mollycoddling. These hard blows actually make people get off their butt and do something about the issue that’s been plundering their society for ages.


Film is nothing if it is not making you aware of your surroundings, of how perspectives have changed and how it is time to pull your socks up. Short films with their blunt nature give us the exact scenario of the plethora of issues surrounding us. Apart from being the bearers of the bad news as they are deemed to be, short films do put a smile on your face when they convey that good is still very much prevalent in our world and it is our job to multiply it ten folds.

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Short films are another attempt at making the unheard voice to be heard, to bring out an in issue in a dramatic manner with a story spun around to make the viewers understand the gravity the situation and just make a better society that.

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