Short film on the ‘brighter side’

The human mind craves for entertainment. Entertainment could be their hobbies, like gardening, reading, painting and so on. But the most preferred and the least effortless form of entertainment is movies. Why?

It is an escape from reality. It’s fictional nature releases you from the shackles of your daily routine. Imagine the rush you’d feel when you watch the Dark Knight plummet in his bat mobile and shoots down the bad guys. That adrenaline every time there is a chase in Fast and Furious series. For those few moments, we are those heroes. That is the impact a film has on our minds. And that is why, the energy the film focuses on, is vital.

Be it a film of a couple of hours, a music video or a short film, the energy subconsciously registers itself in us. Most of the best of the movies are driven around positive feelings like determination, love, friendship, joy, hope, gratitude, confidence, inspiration and the list goes on.

psSo what has the above got to do with short films? It’s simple. All of the above apply to short films too. In fact, short films bring out the best of talent as the maker has to put all of that with a story in a package of few minutes. Short films are like the small bursts of chocolate chips you get in an ice cream. They don’t last long but adds a lot of flavor. We can watch a lot in less time.

Imagine if these visuals of short tales can give the viewers a food for thought; a five-minute thought provoking film. Off late, a lot of films are being made that pertains to reality and viewers acknowledging them are a welcoming gesture. But in the name of reality, a lot of negativity is projected.

Mind is a flexible mirror; adjust it, to see well, says Amit Ray, a spiritual author. Reality doesn’t lie only in negatives. It takes positivity to see beyond those negatives.


Take for example the short film “Validation” written and directed by Kurt Kuenne. A tale about a parking attendant, who cheers up the vehicle owners with genuine compliments. In reality, stuff might not happen as portrayed in the movie but the attitude is something we can implement effortlessly.


Another similar short film “Wrong side of the bed” by Daniel Lucchesi, is a fictional short film about events that take place to common man, Mr. Average Joe, based on which side of the bed he wakes up on. The funny thing about that movie is that audience tends to primarily focus on the “wrong” events that take place to him. A simple film with a clever twist shows what the mind wants to feed on.wsob

Cinema is under rated as merely an entertainment but there is more to that. The audience leave with what they see. If you notice, most of the animation movies have a philosophical message that runs along with the story. A good film maker may know the technicalities but a great film maker touches the emotion of the audience along with required skills. It’s quite easy to look at the downside but it’s very tough to look at the bright side of any situation. That’s why gossiping comes easy, paying a genuine compliment is an act of generousness. Likewise, when it come s to a film, especially a short film, give the luxury of happiness to the audience. This doesn’t necessarily have to deter from the main story. Real talent lies in how he projects his view. A great short film should be like a refreshing cup of tea. As a film maker you have the power to sub consciously control and influence the audience.


Choose what you want them to believe wisely.

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