Prisma App Now Available For Android! This app helps to create creative short film posters

If you feel like PicsArt, Instagram, and Retrica are of the best ever apps that let you add superb effects via filters to your photos / posters then think again. And if you think that having a logo of Retrica on your short film cast & crew photos makes you look cool, then be prepared to be surprised.

All of the photo (in our case short film posters) retouching / editing apps that you are familiar with are about to get a major setback soon with the launch of Prisma for Android. The app has been available for iOS for a quite some time now, but it is now available in beta for Android devices as well.

What’s cool in prisma?

From the Prisma official website, Their app will let you transform your posters or photos into artworks design. The app uses the styles of various popular artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, and Levitan along with retouching the photos using various new photo filters.

Prisma achieves this using a unique combination of neural networks and AI (artificial intelligence) for producing mind-blowing results.

How To Get Prisma Android App to your phone?

As of now, Prisma is only available for iOS devices on the App Store, with no way to download via Google Play, but you can sign up for News on Prisma’s official website and the developers will you send an invite link. Otherwise try this below link to get APK.

You will be able to download Prisma apk from here and dive into the world of Prisma.

How To Use Andriod or iOS Prisma app?

When you open the app, you can start either by clicking a new photo / short film posters design (including selfies), or by selecting photo from the phone gallery. However, the app offers no controls over the camera but the LED flash.

Important Note: An internet connection is needed for applying the filters in Prisma.

Prisma App Settings:

All created artworks saved to Prisma’s folder which can be accessed by going to File manager -> Prisma

As of now, Prisma allows you to choose from 36 filters for retouching your photos / shortfilm posters, but as already mentioned you need internet access for doing so. If you are on a mobile data connection (2G or 3G or 4G) then you should know that Prisma uses a lot of data. 2G connection not advisible.

Also the image transformation takes somewhere between 5-10 seconds (sometimes even more) which is too slow when you are in a hurry to share that creative shortfilm posters on social networks.

I do hope that Prisma will get faster and data efficient by the time of its full launch on Google Play.

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