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Website Title: Dedicated short films video platform
Startup launch date: October 7, 2014
Website Description:Watch the best festival award-winning short films in all Indian Languages Tamil, Kannada,  Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam
Startup Novelty:
We are building 3 things
  1. Linkedin for short film makers
  2. Dedicated short film video discovery platform
  3. Crowdfunding platform for short film makers
These are not 3 different platforms. This is one platform. We call it as “Shortfundly“
Target Audience: shortfilm professionals
Monthly visits: 75000+
Future scope(expansion plans): We are building web app now and plan to have building same product in mobile app
Tags(Website specific and theme oriented)): Shortfilms, crowdfunding, content sharing platform
CEO/Founders: Selvam & Maharajan
Company’s Name: Shortfundly
Funding (if any): None
Company blog(if any):
Location (City, State): Chennai, Tamilnadu
Select a Country: India
Contact Email:
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