Importance of Subtitles in shortfilms

Hmm…so you are love-struck by Hollywood movies but are not familiar with English? You are enamored by Tamil short films but Tamil is not domestic to you? So how do you comprehend those films made in languages not accustomed to you? Well, it is through subtitles that you can have the pleasure of enjoying the short films not written or created in your home language.


Importance of subtitles in short films

  • Different people have their origins in divergent cultures. Each person is inquisitive about contrasting cultures. People from one civilization are eager to know the customs of people living in a different society. Films help in the interflow of lifestyles and subtitles in a short film that satisfies this spirit of curiosity. Subtitles in a short film help to overcome the language barrier. Therefore, overall art, culture, cinema, and education are upgraded. Each one can relish a film without any language impediment.
  • Subtitles are more cost-effective than dubbing in a short film.
  • Complex dialogues in a short can easily be grasped with the assistance of subtitles.
  • Through subtitles, short films can even reach to the physically impaired. The deaf can apprehend any film by means of subtitles. Thus, filmmakers can make their art accessible to all types of people. Everyone can relish short films in any language and thus no one remains deprived of celebrating art.
  • There are certain conditions for translating the scripts. There should be a maximum of two lines of subtitles on the screen. Each line should not exceed 37 characters because a spectator can read at the speed to 20 characters per second.
  • The structure of language should not change while translating.


Subtitles are really important in any kind of film so that every category of people can watch and decipher all genres of films. Subtitles are necessary for better understanding. Film makers who have subtitles in their film receive more market for their short film. Thus, the true essence of films is retained.

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