How to use hashtag to promote your shortfilm – Hashtag Dos and Don’ts





  1. Don’t use hashtags that aren’t related to your update.
    Even if it does get some short-term exposure, you’ll be labeled a spammer.
  2. Incorporate hashtags into the words of your update, so you don’t have to tack them on at the end.
    This saves space and makes your updates look more fluent. For example, “Top 5 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List #emailmarketing” could be shortened to “Top 5 Ways to Build Your #EmailMarketing List”
  3. Choose hashtags that are easy to spell.
    This is especially important for campaign and branding hashtags.
  4. Use hashtags that are easy to remember.
    This is another tip for brand and campaign hashtags. Memorable hashtags are also helpful if you want to start a movement or launch a trending hashtag, like “#FireColbert.”
  5. Capitalize the first letter of multi-word hashtags to make them easier to read.
    For example: “#ThisIsSoEasy” vs. “#thisissoeasy.” This makes it easier and faster for people to understand the hashtag, and that makes it more likely that they will share it.
  6. Consider context.
    Social media has too many examples of content being published with perfectly innocent intentions, only to become a public relations nightmare when someone took it out of context, or a later event happened that altered the context of the update.
  7. Make sure the words in your hashtag don’t have other meanings, including in other languages.
    Remember that you may get global exposure.

After finalizing your shortfilm tags, There’s a dedicated shortfilm online sharing platform available to promote your shortfilm. check it out“shortfundly”

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