How to construct a hashtag to promote your shortfilm – Hashtags 101




  1. Keep hashtags short.
    1. Some experts recommend hashtags be kept to six characters or less. That’s a nice goal, but even a general hashtag like “#marketing” or “#shortfilm” would break six characters (which is why “#mktg” is so popular). Don’t sacrifice the right hashtag for the shortest one.
  2. Don’t use spaces in hashtags.
    1. The one exception to this is on Tumblr, but anywhere else a hashtag with a space won’t work. Your hashtag “#B2C tips” willregister only as “B2C.”
  3. Don’t use special characters or punctuation
    1. (&, %, !) in hashtags.These effectively end the hashtag, and everything after it will be recognized only as a tacked-on word. An example: “#Leslie’sDog” will read as “#Leslie.” Most platforms do allow an under_score.
  4. Make sure there is a blank space before the hashtag.
    1. Neither “1#shortfilm” nor “good#shortfilm” will allow “#myshortfilm” to function as a hashtag.
  5. Don’t use only numbers.
    1. According to Twitter, if you write #1 or #123 the hashtag will not be hyperlinked and is therefore not searchable. However, if you include letters following the numbers in the hashtag (e.g. “#123shortfilm”), then the hashtag will work correctly. And you can use numbers in hashtags that follow letters, like this: “#Shortfilmmaking101.”
  6. Don’t use a hashtag within a hashtag. 
    1. “#Shorfilm#1” won’t work; all that’s read as a hashtag is the first part: “#Shortfilm.”

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