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Honda is a short film by Prateek Shetty published on November 15, 2015. This is one of the two videos published by him, the other being a documentary.  Boasting a viewership of 2,741, it was well received as evident from the comments.
In kannada, honda means ‘pit’; So the title speaks for the genre of the film – thriller. An air of treachery prevails from start as the film opens with two contract killers spraying deodorant in the car trunk in pitch dark. This is followed by a heated conversation between them as they drive off and occupies a significant part of the film.
The story really picks up after an encounter with home guards getting the viewer on tenterhooks.

There is a double climax accompanied by a supernatural element which adds to the thrill.  Also, it is worth mentioning the spectacular acting that maintains an atmosphere of mystery. The story revolves around the two young men. One is a man of ethics and is shown fidgeting and is petrified, while the other being a spoilt brat displays nonchalance and  plays it cool. This clash in their personalities makes their long conversation engaging .  It also foreshadows the twists that follow. Costumes are aptly chosen, especially of a home guard shown in casuals implying  an odd hour.

All in all, this gripping thriller is a great watch for someone pressed for time and looking for suspense.

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