Community Guidelines

Shortfundly is a space to show off your creativity and express yourself through shortfilms. We encourage our shortfilm filmmakers to do films with their passion and use our apps for creative expression. These guidelines are here to help you learn what it means to be a community member on shortfundly and how you can help keep the community a safe, friendly and fun place for everyone.

What you should do on shortfundly:

  • Post shortfilms you love: Express yourself and show off your personality by creating great shortfims, who knows… you might get featured!
  • Like, follow and comment: Show support to other filmmakers and tell them that you like their creative shortfilm in shortfundly.
  • Report inappropriate content: Help us keep shortfundly a safe place. If you see something that doesn’t belong, let us know! To report a shortfundly press on the button with three dots and then click “Report Abuse.”
  • Be nice: Keep all interactions on shortfundly positive. This is a fun and safe community for self-expression.
  • Give people an inside look at your life: Show people what you love to do. Whether it’s their shortfilms, dubsmash, acting expressions, shortfilm shooting experience, shorfilm screening event, filmmaking tutorials,  shortfilm reviews, etc.
  • Ask/answer questions: If you are live, be sure to interact with your viewers. If they ask you questions in the comments, be sure to answer! If you’re watching someone else’s shortfilm, interact and ask them questions.
  • Thank people for reviews & ratings : If a viewer gives you a rating, say thank you!
  • Have fun!

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What you should not do on shortfundly:

Violating any of the following can result in your account and/or content to be removed without warning. We reserve the right to monitor your account and report content to authorities.

Note: To maintain shortfundly platform quality,  if your videos are not getting played or if it shows 404 error while playing video, we will remove it from your profile without your notification. When you remove your shortfilm or dubsmash video, please do proactive actions on it.

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