Becoming a Better Director – Direction 101

When Someone ask, “What exactly does a director do,” I think the perfect response would be, “Everything.” However, if you’re looking for more practical advice, Here’s the next set of tips.

  1. Clear Direction
  2. Don’t Always Stick to the film Script
  3. Study Other Styles to Learn Yours film making style
  4. Take Your Time and Be Efficient on making team
  5. Find a Clear Way to Communicate Your Goal
  6. Friends Can Make Your Life Easier
  7. Viewfinders Are Super Helpful On Set
  8. Spend Your Time Wisely
  9. Avoid Fights On Set
  10. Stay Hydrated
  11. Don’t Worry About Gear
  12. Respect and Take Care of Your Team
  13. Actors Need Motivations, Not Just Marks
  14. Respect Your Actor’s Process
  15. Get It Done and Move On

What tips do you have for new directors? Feel free to share them down in the comments section.

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