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Arre Baba is a short-film by Surya Balakrishnan starring Girish Kulkarni and Gauri Deshpande published in May, 2015. It is a heartwarming portrayal of a typical father daughter relationship. The whole film revolves around this father and his daughter; the father coming on a bicycle to pick his daughter up from school, asking her how her day was and recounting his own escapades at work. The girl seems to be troubled and keeps snapping at her father trying to hide her problem. They come across as strong souls facing all hardships of life with a smile on their face.
The most touching moment is when the girl finally opens up to her father, and he is overwhelmed that his daughter is missing her (probably dead) mother. He leaves no stone unturned to make up for this misfortune and so does the girl in being independent, putting up her defenses when she feels threatened or weak.

There is not much of a plot to it, but the conversation between the father and daughter could melt the coldest of hearts. The main features that make this film brilliant are – amazing picturization, good dialogue delivery, acting and script. Another remarkable feature is attention to detail – a steel tiffin box hanging from the handle of the cycle, narrow gullies, passers-by, bullock carts which transports the watcher to a whole new world.AB_4

It’s a great five-minute flick to watch with your mom on Mother’s day or even otherwise. Anytime you are feeling lonely or alone, this film will make you realize how there are people who really care for you. On a scale of five, I’d rate it 4.9 and highly recommend you to watch it.

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