AMAR, All Great Achievements Require Time

Amar is your small town boy who would be classified as yet another teenager living in a small city of north India. What sets him apart is his dogged determination to carve a niche for himself in the uber world out there. Being the eldest son in a lower middle class family of five is no easy feat and yet Amar proves himself as someone fit for the credit of being someone great.

His day starts at wee hours in the morning as the newspaper delivery boy to help with the family income and ends at night helping his father at the small electronics shop in the market after school. His will to learn, to make a mark in this world doesn’t allow him to make excuses for himself. He seeks refuge in reading, learning and teaching himself that he too can make something out his worthy self. The endless struggle of a teen to learn as much as he can and to become an indispensable part of the society has been captured beautifully with a reality that makes it immense pleasure to view as an audience. The thought provoking and inspiring movie is a way to reach out to all the Amars dwelling in different parts of India and that is a commendable act in itself.