Alone time revolves around your quintessential working woman in the huge city of New York. Tired of her daily routine comprising of eat,sleep, work,repeat pattern and living in her apartment with some really unruly neighbours, she decides to go off camping all by herself. The shot portray her travel from the concrete jungle to a small town to a country side to an inhabited area.
Though she was her only company in the city and the camp as well, she never felt lonely, rather she enjoyed her solitude, cut off from the civilisation. Enjoying the scenic beauty and her lone camping experience, the short self discovering trip comes to an unexpected end. Only, it was not what one would expect. What actually happened back at the camp? The sudden twist will leave you reeling from surprise for sure. Beautifully shot, the movie does not dwell into complexity and yet makes one ponder. Hats off to the engaging and subtle story line which will make you ask for more and the commendable acting skills. Take out 13 minutes from your schedule and do engage in ALONE TIME.
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