T. R. Barathkumaar : Pride of Jaycees – Student  entrepreneur in shortfundly


T.R. Barathkumaar is a young 13-year-old versatile boy basically from Sivakasi, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu. He studies in VIII standard. He is passionate about his work and he loves to show his amazing skills in every field. His role model for technology is Sundar Pichai, The CEO of Google and his role model for passion is Chitra Jeyanthi, the principal of Jaycees School.

He has an excellent skill in Social Media Marketing, And He is a holder of Project Management Essentials Certification with another 15 Google Certificates. He is a Good Researcher and a Tech Reviewer. He started his own YouTube channel and has written 2 Books till-date. His aim is to establish a mobile company and be the CEO of that Company.

He is an entrepreneur in Shortfundly, It is a platform for creative short filmmakers. Through this platform, people can Create Shortfilms – Upload it – Show their work to the outside world – Enhance their skills. This platform helps to develop new filmmaking skills and explore the latest shortfims. T.R. Barathkumaar performs many roles in Shortfundly such as – Digital Marketing Lead, Strategy Advisor and Email, Call Support, Intern Trainee, etc…….. He supports Shortfundly in a fantastic manner and let this platform improve more & more.

•He has written 2 books till date named –
Social Media
Net surfers for beginners
• He has completed 15 courses from Google and has been certified for it.
• He has made four apps-
X-Factor Pro
Jaycees portfolio
Barath connect
Adada creators

He is a Jaycees Pride Awardee 2019.

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