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Advertising on shortfundly

In 2017, shortfundly launched an advertising beta program. We’re still accepting advertisers for the beta, so contact us at [email protected] to get started.

Why advertise on shortfundly?

Connect with people considering a purchase

People come to shortfundly to showcase their creative shortfilms, shortfilms posters, teasers, filmfestival events, and to watch and share latest interesting shortfilms. This includes people looking for reliable & latest information about your shortfilms cast & crew information and rating & reviews from general audience such as movie bufff. This gives advertisers(filmmakers) the opportunity to influence people during the consideration phase of their shortfilms watching experience process. shortfundly is a unique, high intent advertising platform, ideally suited to reach audience as they search a shortfilm or filmfestival events.

shortfundly enables your shortfilm & filmfestival events to:

Reach a coveted audience
shortfundly has a worldwide audience of more than 10,000+ unique visitors. In the South east asia region, shortfundly users are highly motivated, educated and primarily live in India.

Deliver your message in a premium environment
On shortfundly your message will only appear alongside content that’s on par with your profile. shortfundly is known for the quality of its shortfilms, and an internal team of moderators, along with the shortfundly community, is dedicated to maintaining that high bar.

Target for greater efficiency
When advertising on shortfundly, you decide which categories & language your ads appear alongside to ensure relevance and maximum efficiency. You can also target by location and device platform. Advertisers consistently report that their ads on shortfundly are effective in reaching and converting their target audience(movie buff & filmmakers).


What do ads on shortfundly look like?

shortfundly currently offers a text based advertising unit, which can be created using shortfundly’s self-serve ad manager. This unit delivers high value for advertisers because it fits contextually with the content on shortfundly.

The advertiser provides:

  1. Your profile name: “Promoted by [filmmakers name OR film-banner/ producer name]”.
  2. Headline text up to 65 characters in length. Text must be a statement. It must be a title about the shortfilm.
  3. Description text up to 105 characters in length. Text must be a statement about the shortfilm.
  4. Desired call to action, shortfundly offers options such as Watch now, Share and more.
  5. A display URL next to the call to action.
  6. Additionally, filmmakers social connections to help get more connections in social channels.
  7. The landing page URL where the ad takes people.

How do I get started with advertising on shortfundly?

shortfundly offers a self-serve ad manager for all approved whitelisted advertisers. Advertisers can do everything from creating and optimizing ad creative, to setting and adjusting their budget,to exporting campaign results in real-time.

  1. Get started within minutes: set-up your account, create your ad, choose your categories targeting, set your budget, then launch!
  2. Manage your campaign in real-time: adjust your budget and CPC bids whenever you like, easily pause or re-start your campaign, view and export results in real-time.
  3. Optimize your campaign: test ad copy, try out new categories targeting, target different locations.


Ready to start advertising on shortfundly?

Email [email protected]


Where do ads appear?
Ads are currently only available on shortfilm video viewing pages on shortfundly.

How many ads appear on a page?

The number of ads on a page is relative to the amount of content. As of now, we will show only one ad per page. video viewing pages with more content will often be eligible for more ads than video viewing pages with less content.

Which targeting options are available?

Advertisers can currently target by categories, platform and location. They can also exclude certain categories and locations from showing their ad.


  1. Ensure that your ads reach the right people by selecting relevant Categories for your campaign.
  2. Choose Categories that align most with keywords that people typically use when searching for information about shortfilms and filmfestival events.
  3. Identify keywords within your ad copy that might be relevant and aligned with Categories that already exist on shortfundly.
  4. Look for keywords that you’ve used on other advertising platforms that have been effective and could translate well into pre-existing Categories on shortfundly.

Device Platform:

  1. People use shortfundly fairly evenly across desktop and mobile, which includes both the mobile app and browser products.
  2. Ads can be targeted to mobile users, desktop users, or both.
  3. Advertisers can split their campaign to track performance by platform.


Ads can be targeted by country, state, city, or zip code.

How does pricing and campaign delivery work?

Advertisers buy ads on shortfundly using an auction that considers multiple factors such as the advertiser’s bid, their ad quality, as well as the estimated rate of actions that shortfundly thinks users will take on your ad. Your bid is the maximum amount you want to pay for each click.

Once you’ve added your desired Categories, locations, and platforms to an ad set, shortfundly provides a suggested CPC bid. Bidding at or above this level will maximize your chances of winning more auctions and getting more clicks. But it’s in your best interest to bid the amount a click is worth to you.

Since shortfundly charges on a Cost Per Click basis, you’re charged only when a user clicks on your ad. The amount you get charged is the resulting winning CPC of each auction, which will be at or below your CPC bid.

You set your budget at the campaign level.

How does conversion tracking work?

shortfundly provides an image pixel for each campaign to track a single conversion event. Setting up an image pixel is highly recommended to optimize ad delivery toward higher value audiences(filmmakers & movie buff).

What kind of reporting is available?
Advertisers can view impressions, clicks, conversions and spend in the shortfundly ads manager. Reporting is available at the campaign, ad set, and ad level.

How does shortfundly handle invoicing and payment?
When you’re charged depends on the payment method you’re using to pay for ads. If you are using the self-serve billing options, the frequency of your charges also depends on your billing threshold.

When you first start running ads on shortfundly, we charge when your spend meets specific billing thresholds. As per industry standards and shortfundly follow best practices in pricing thresholds. The first threshold is $25, and rises with each successful charge to $50, $250, $500 and $750. You are charged either when you hit your current billing threshold, or on the first of the month, whichever comes first.

In the billing section of the ads manager, you will see an option to manage your payment methods. You can add or remove your payment methods here. shortfundly currently accepts credit and debit cards, or arrange to bill by monthly invoice.

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