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Being in 21st century we are still not taking pride to educate a girl. Society still thinks its unnecessary to give education to a girl. Unlike the fact that women are already developing in each field starting from reaching space to the deepest point of the earth.

But still people are unaware of this and still are spoiling the future of many girls by showing them how to build a family rather than education. This short film has emerged out the storyline that society is still not empowering women wholeheartedly.

The characters in the film are depicting the point of women empowerment and the irony used over the media just to build up the subject of women empowerment.

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Making justice to the storyline the director has made each scene very normal as those we come across in our daily day life. The life of unprivileged women in society is still a question mark.

The point is well brought out to the audience. The whole film revolves around a maid who faces different situations yet doesn’t fail to educate her daughter despite her financial situation.

But still, this sense of humanity is lacking in many gated communities. The whole short film is full of social awareness much needed for society.


The main hero of the film is dialogue delivery. The whole of the short film standby by the dialogue of each character. Starting from a voiceover before starting the film to the endnote by the housemaid is very necessary to create awareness to the society. It would have been even more engaging if it had subtitles so as to reach out to the world.

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The whole short film is shot in black and white to portray the irony of society. The society always enhances itself to each social issue but fails to exhibit humanity towards mankind.

The art of raising women towards empowerment is just to portray itself in a self-publicist itself but not for its own surroundings. Moreover, the whole short film is short in the indoor environment but still making it very engaging to the storyline.

Written and directed by Raviteja Bhamidi.

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