Oru Naal, Oru Aal | Tamil [Short Film review & rating – 4.0/5]


There’s a famous saying “Believe not all that you see, or half of what you hear”. We can’t judge a person by the way they dress or speak. The short film “Oru naal, oru aal” is about an anonymous person connecting five strangers in a video conference in an attempt to bring out a deathly secret. All our lives are connected in one way or the other, closely or distantly, but we realise it only when the connection has something to spare our time. This short film has taken this as its storyline and conveys the vulnerability of technology to allow access to certain data that shouldn’t be known by strangers.


Direction gives life to a storyline. A badly directed storyline has all chances to fail in entertaining their audience irrespective of how good the storyline is. This short film dealing with a storyline revolving around a five person video call, direction has an important role in how they convey their point. The success of the direction team is the way they revealed the storyline. In the beginning the short film is portrayed in such a way that an anonymous person is an important part of the story, but gradually the real storyline unravels keeping the audience curious and clueless until the end of the short film.


Dialogues can change the way we watch and perceive a movie / short film. It is clearly visible the importance of dialogues in a short film entirely revolving around a face to face conversation. The tension and fear of the characters on getting a threatening message from an anonymous person and further forced into a call with strangers all connected in a serious issue are all well conveyed. The short film has also conveyed that a person is not genuine and good just because he is innocent in a particular issue.


Screenplay has a very important role in thriller films as the need to keep the viewers curious is more. The audience are left clueless about the real murderer and truth about Rekha’s death until the very last frame of the short film. The success of the screenplay is evident from this. A good direction and screenplay added to a powerful storyline gives the audience a nail-biting tale keeping them at the edge of their seats throughout the short film.

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Oru Naal, Oru Aal - Tamil Short Film Poster
Oru Naal, Oru Aal - Tamil Short Film Poster - 2

Oru Naal, Oru Aal – Tamil Short Film Team Details:


B. Sai Dinesh as Dinesh



Dakshana Rajaram as Geetha


Swetha Venkit as Swetha



Pradeep Rayan as Surya



Praveen as Vasanth


Ashita Vishnu as Rekha



Designer (De Selva):



Dubbing Artist: (Attul)



Cinematographer: (Joyal Zacharia)



Music: (Abubakkar M.)


Editing and Colorist:

RDS Prasanth




Ashita Vishnu



Written and Directed by





  • 0.4star for dialogues
  • 1 star for storyline
  • 1star for plot twist
  • 0.6star for message conveyed
  • 1star for effort

Overall rating – 4.0/5

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Written and directed by Praveen

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