Neethone Eppatiki – [Telugu Shortfilm review & rating – 3.8/5]


“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard, but always near, still love, still missed and very dear”. This short film is all about sid and jaanu’s cheesy love tale, promising to be with each other forever. But the storyline isn’t that simple, the real story lies in the question “Did they keep up their promise?” This story line may look very simple and common but the way the team delivered the short film makes it a success. Convincing the audience the short film is just a musical love story and then revealing the twist serves as a major advantage.


Direction has a very large part in the success of a short film. It lies upon the direction team to convey a story line effectively. The direction team has done a great job in making the audience clueless of the forthcoming events. Finding love after our loved one died is very painful and difficult, but there is always someone who loves us truly and the short film has delivered the point strongly through the actress’ characterisation. The direction team has made every scene realistic making the short film more emotional. The short film has well brought out this point to the audience.


The way one expresses a dialogues is important .The understanding of the listener depends on how well we express it. This short film has well chosen its dialogues and has made the viewers feel the emotions of the characters. The first half of the short film is musical and happy while the second half is emotional. The change in mood of the short film is brought gradually without an abrupt change that could have spoiled a beautiful storyline.

Screen Play:

The short film has a good screenplay keeping them clueless of the follow up events in the beginning and making them curious in the later part. Conveying sid and jaanu’s love story in a musical way works well. The climax of the short film emphasizes that not all promises are fake and there are people around us to make us happy even after losing a special person.

Neethone Eppatiki – Telugu Short film Posters:

Neethone Eppatiki – Telugu Short film Poster -1
Neethone Eppatiki – Telugu Short film Poster 2

Neethone Eppatiki – Telugu Short film Team Details:


Lomesh Pudipeddi (Lomiyo)

Ann Samuel

Surya K. Enjam

Guest Appearance


Written and Directed By :

Vasanth K Karanam

Director of Photography :

Ananth Ponnuswamy  


Carthic Cuts


A Vishnu Vihari Musical


Vasanth K Karanam

 A. Chakivela  

Di colorist


Mix and Mastering

Hruday Charan

Abhyuday Chowdary (Merise kanula song)

Direction Team



Direction Team (Post Production)


Posters,Titles & Vfx

Kishore Sarakadam

Focus puller & Camera technician

Ramu Thota

Production Manager

Saurin B. Shah

Dubbing Artists

Pranathi Swamy

Vishnu Vihari

Guru (Guest Dubbing)

Dubbing Studio

Madhuvanthi recording studio

Sound Engineer



Merise Kanula – Krishna Tejaswi

Happy birthday song – Vishnu Vihari


Vishnu Vihari

Sound Effects:

Vishnu Vihari


Neethone Eppatiki – Telugu Short film review & rating - 3.8/5 from shortfundly

Overall rating – 3.8

  • 0.8star for storyline
  • 1.1star for plot twist
  • 0.4star for background score
  • 0.5star for direction
  • 1star for effort

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