Must watch Experimental English short film – Savvy?

‘Savvy?’ is an experimental English short film that has been made on the lines of a crime fantasy. The basic premise is related to a murder and the film strives to look beyond routine questions (of ‘Who?’, ‘How?’, ‘Why?’ and ‘Where?’) that are normally associated with it. Savio, a contract killer, is apparently raving about his next kill while preparing himself for the same. But things are not as they seem. Lines get blurred, so do time and space. The exploration of death in its entirety takes center stage. Savvy?

Your perspective will create your perception. Watch, seek and find out yours!!

Watch now – Savvy? | Experimental Short film by – Ramgopal A | Vishak | Padmaraj Ratheesh

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Savvy participated and won awards in these film festival events list:

The Lift-Off Sessions 2019

United Kingdom 

Official Selection

Lift-Off Global Network First Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019

United Kingdom 

Official Selection

Filmeraa Shorts Festival 2019 

New Delhi 

Official Selection

9th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2019 

New Delhi 

Special Festival Mention

Frame of Mind Short Film Contest Kalagram 2019 

Kochi, Kerala 

Finalist – Top Five

Lumiere Short Film Festival Aagneya 2019 Trivandrum, Kerala 

First Prize/Best Film

Five Contintents International Film Festival 2019

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 

Best Crime Short Film, Best VFX, Special Mention : Editing

Crownwood International Film Festival 2019 Kolkata 

Best Indian Short Film, Best Experimental Short Film

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2019 Kolkata 


Best Global Shorts 2019


Best Experimental Short

South Film and Arts Academy Film Festival 2019


Best VFX in a short film

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge 2019 Ludhiana, Punjab 

Best Special Effects

Druk International Film Festival 2019


Audience Choice Award for Debut Filmmaker, Audience Choice Award for Best Experimental Film, Critics Choice Award for Best Short Film

8th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival 2019 Kolkata 

Official Selection                       

Confluence India International Film Festival 2019 New Delhi 

Best Jury Award, Best Editing

OBM Lohithadas Memorial International Film Festival 2019 Palakkad 

Official Selection

Fefka Directors Union Short Film Festival 2019

Shortl isted official list

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savvy - Experimental shortfilm poster
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Director Ramgopal notes:

Life and death are realities. But there is a phase in between these two. The journey between life and death is shown in a gripping way as the film depicts the life of a contract killer named Savio. “Savvy? has been made on the lines of a crime fantasy. In most of the short films, the viewers interpret what the director is trying to convey. But through Savvy?, we have set a premise through sequences that make the audience ponder on the plot. Each viewer will have open interpretations of the short film. We have treated Savvy? in a way that will render a personal experience,”

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