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Story line/Concept:

A thoughtful love story by Shankar N. Love stories are common even love after arrange marriage is even more usual but hook up with the person whom you love as the one arranged by your parents is something strange. This might seem co-incidence but here the storyline is completely different. The author emphasizes the presence of the mind of the female lead in the movie. As we know to start from Juliet for Romeo and Cleopatra for Antony, girls have been laying an initiative progression towards love. Even with the famous Kundalakhesi, one of the greatest epic’s Tamil literature, the female lead put herself forward to marry a thief who stole her heart at first sight.
This main concept is depicted in this short film. The various other efforts of the girl to get her love of life was also very impressive. We audience have been addicted to the man proposal cliche love, but this attempt was something different.


The basic elementary shot for the love scene starts with a green environment. Showing the pleasant feeling of love in the female lead. The gracefulness of the female lead with her crazy kinds of stuff enhances the character. Also, the stubbornness of the male lead is also depicted in a prime manner.

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What could fill the gaps in-between loving couples? Music alone could be the answer, one must first feel the music out from his own heat when addicted to love. This short film also gives a raw background voice singing to fill the emptiness filled between the characters.

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The engaging film with an impressive female lead and few sensible dialogues is more than that of a feature film. To begin again with the love marriage that is modified as arrange marriage with few twists and turns brigs out a thoughtful message to the current generation. Now a day’s people mistake love and lust, they hurt each other’s feelings by just ignoring. The immediate point of effect in love for these generations is the parents. People who do not think about them and take blind decisions to elope with their loved ones are very common nowadays. This cruel action is sorted out in this film with the lead roles and soothing thoughtful dialogues.

Direction: Shankar.N

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