Illisha: Short Film Review.

The short film ‘Illisha’ is a film by Naveen Raj and is produced by SHORT TIME TAMIL FILMS. It is a Tamil short film giving us a romantic comedy nudge in the beginning. The story binds between love and friendship twinging around the character. The movie is widely enhanced by the humor dialogues delivered by all the characters in the film. The music is diegetic and intense to the script.

Illisha, a 9-minute short film opens up with a couple breaking their relationship. The girl’s name is Illisha, to whom the lead role has broken up with. Both the couple is in a vigorous conversation and finally decides to give up. The pain of break up is well explained and the emotions were also marked up by Aarav (the lead role in the film). The story is substantially plotted around this character and the role is also justified by the hero. The dissolve effect enlightens the memories of the protagonist. The dialogue delivery is an add-on complement to the script. Normal controversial conversations are wielding in the script that is making it common for people to watch. The four friends’ combo makes the scene even better and the characters are handled perfectly to match the roles.

The breakup scene is followed by a sequence in Aarav’s room, where Aarav is accompanied by his three friends. It is obvious that a person needs a shoulder to lean on when he is almost broken. And naturally, no one could ease the break-up pains than friends, one could forget about himself by just clinging onto their shoulders.  Here comes the friendship track, where he is interrogated and comforted. The general conversation between a friend’s gang is depicted well and is shown in a practical way. Now about the friends’ gang here, the protagonist has got the right mix of friends. The one who thinks who is hilarious, a mature guy and the never-ending talkative person. Booze is the one that gets them together and the reason being his break up with his girlfriend.

The decoupage in the film is synchronized very well to convey the flavors of the movie. The usual deep-focus shots add a dimension to the movie where the scenes between Aarav and Illisha feels natural. The dialogues exchanged between the gang of friends was realistic. Each frame was lit perfectly. The one-shot low foot level shot was interesting.

Though the short film is all about the dialogues, it could have been recorded better. There were obvious lip-sync issues and the power in the dialogue delivery was underplayed most of the time. Most of the background score was done on Strings which was dint fall in the right place to convey the emotion. And coming back to the scene where the four friends where having a conversation, it seemed less authentic. The director has done his job to perfection. All the frames in the movie were lit well projecting the characters very well. The art of directing the eye that is using the frame composition and balancing between the light and dark was done in the right mixture in the movie. Revealing the important plots in the story requires the right amount of bass and drums to engage the audience in the moment. It was that which they had exactly worked on.

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Dialogues and conversations between characters are the most important and engaging in the aspect of a film. These were done exactly in a manner as to how it would happen in the daily life of a common person’s life with a gang of 4 friends.

There aren’t many budget constraints for the film as this concept did not require any. No extra gimmicks from the camera department, no flashy lighting, less no, of outdoor shots have played an important role in drastically reducing the budget of the movie.

All the characters have done justice to their roles and have not all outplayed their characters. All of them were exploited to their fullest. By this, the movie did not require any extra or separate shots to portray their character. An intro song would have done better lifting the love scenes to a higher level, but as the movie progresses and comes to end we feel that a song wouldn’t have done any good to the film. The acting of all the artists present in the movie was genuine and with a little training, they would be great actors at the end of the day. The dialogues were intense enough in all important places but as a viewer, I felt that it could have been a little bolder.

After watching the movie one would say that this script has all the possibilities to be made into a feature film. Though it would require extra addition of characters and developing the backstory of the protagonist. Although many films of the same concept have come through the ages, there is a surprise element in this movie which will work big time with the audience. It will require the extra flow of cash and the labor but at the end of the day, it is worth it. The sound design and the background weren’t complicated and to strings are the go-to instrument for elevation the love portions and they have done exactly the same.

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One could think that the script needs a better reason behind this anti-climax, that could have revealed better and would need an extra scene for the better explanation. But the fact that shorts are made to build up an underlying idea in order to get transformed into a better version of featured films. The film also magnifies the psychotic behavior of the protagonist, where he hallucinates character into his life. The theme drives us to the so-called ‘anti-climax’, which is, in turn, making it more thriller for the big picture. This is a definite material to be featured on a big screen.

There has been a tiresome work behind the screenplay, hence each and every scene is made clear with a heavy intention to the background.  Starting from the break-up scene to the place where the protagonist finds his unsound mind, the screenplay is made good. This also includes the bachelor house set up. And also I would emphasis the cinematographer’s effort to the film, Nirmal has made both the camera works and lighting to the best.

If there are any budding filmmaker with no base plan to start, this could be an epic start for them. I also assure that you will enjoy watching this short film with quite a good twist and turns.

On the whole the short film is a worth to watch during this quarantine.

Stay home, stay safe.

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It’s time to watch the short film 🙂

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Illisha, short film reviews and short films

Title: Illisha

Director: S Naveen Raj(STONE)

Story: Mishael Dominic

Cast: Jai, Yashitha, Faiyaz and Kiran

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