Top 15 Telugu Romantic short film


We have collected the best short films from youtube and willing to showcase with you

What is special in Telugu Romantic short films?

In every film industry, there are films of all genres (horror, romance, action, drama, Sci-Fi, comedy…so on) but there will always be a specific genre for every film industry in which it specializes….more like a signature genre or as a trademark genre for that film industry.

Telugu Film Industry is so passionate about making films that it make the highest number of films per year, being a regional language film industry.

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Special about Telugu film industry in the recent years namely these few movies make it a mark (these list of movies are just randomly mentioned)

  1. Arundhati
  2. Baahubali    
  3. Rudramadevi   
  4. Naa Bangaru Talli
  5. Chandamama Kathalu

We need more concept-driven scripts something more closer to our social issues, more reality, more work for actors to show up their acting skills in character-based roles….too many commercial films….too much trending upon the view in perspective of money-making rather than proper film making.


Here’s the list of top 15 noticeable Telugu romantic short films

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