The drop of water and plastic bag

In this article Im going to talk about enhancing your picture quality and gaining the desired effect in the pictures you click with your smartphone.
Now, when I say a drop of water could help you have an enhanced effect on your smartphone click, you might start panicking. Everyone knows that smartphones are allergic to water, but this is not the case in the lens of your camera. It is not allergic to the drop of water. In fact, it would be so friendly with it, for when they join together, they would bring you a picture with enhanced effects.
Macro lens effect could be attained in your smartphone only with a straw and a drop of water. Take a drop of water with a straw and place in on your lens. Now, this small droplet of water will help you magnify or image immensely. This small drop would not run down when you take you phone and hold it vertically to click a picture.
A plastic bag and your smartphone can do wonders in your picture. To have a perfectly blurred image, take a plastic bag and crumple it. Wrap it at the front of your camera and fix it with a rubber band. By tearing it at the centre, create stretch marks and create a fading transition effect from blurred to sharp region. Doubling up on bags would give you a even more blurred image.