Incredible 2

Here is the teaser of Incredible 2.

A must watch film !!!.It is sooo freaking good.The Incredibles is one of the first Super hero films.

The first part was released in 2004.A film fourteen years in the making.

The best part of 2 is Jack Jack and Violet and Edna.

Jack Jack is both hilarious, awesome in his random super powers, and the best baby superhero ever imagined!
Edna makes a great appearance and shows her gentler side taking care of Jack Jack! And Edna rocks with her inventions.Frozo is awesome and saves the family and fights really well in this one.

This film was great.I got what I paid and the plus was there was no screaming babies in the theatre.

As a child who was born two years before the Incredibles came out the first movie has been a staple in my movie watching experience for my whole life and I’m happy to say Incredibles 2 did not ruin my childhood.