The New Era of Women Empowerment

The new era of women empowerment

Women Empowerment is a huge topic in itself. In brief, women empowerment refers to
the practice of empowering females and their status in society.
Women have faced tough situations in the past. Either related to voting rights or the
pathetic social trends, women have sacrificed everywhere. I mean there is this huge list of
troubles faced by women. The list includes:

  • Prohibition to cast a vote.
  • Burying dead a girl child.
  • Not getting an education.
  • Burning woman if her husband dies.
  • Judging them according to the clothes they wear.
  • Non-acceptance of females as a higher official.
  • Considering females to have less brain.
  • Discrimination in society.
  • Discrimination in the payment system, and many more.
Restrictions faced by women's

The above-stated list is just a trailer, the actual film is even worse. Suppose you are not allowed to go to school or pursue your career then how would you feel? What if you come to know that your child is going to be a girl, would it be dropped? Did you feel the partiality among your siblings? Do you think it is okay if your brother is allowed to do anything and you are not? What if you have been that realized that you are just crap and nothing more?

That hurts right? Females have sacrificed their lives and dreams for a long time and if someone tries to change this orthodox scenario, they are tortured too, by the society, people, beliefs, and traditions. Yet there were and are many who fight each day for their rights and pride.

Social Empowerment of women

Many movements, social reforms, and engagements took place that has led the world to this scenario. Actually, many amendments have been made yet the situations are not getting any better. Women are judged according to their clothes in our society. Many females don’t get the opportunity to follow their dreams, continue their studies, or move to work in a different state or location. If a boy has female friends, it is okay but if a girl is even walking with her brother, she’ll be doubted for that. If a boy is uttering abusive words, it is okay but if a girl does that, she doesn’t have manners. Boys are allowed to chill with their friends, go to parties, have fun without a single question asked but girls don’t have that freedom.

In brief, if you are a girl, you should regret and if you don’t, society will make sure that it happens.

A Nation wide crisis

India is a country of beautiful people, and cultures ,but India is also famous for the number of rape victims . The numbers are crazy. Delhi, the capital of India is not only the country’s capital but is also the rape capital of India. The number of rape victims is increasing vastly. Although the government promises to solve this issue but nothing is changing.

Also, many people blame that it would be the victim’s fault, that’s why she is raped. Seriously! You people need a mental checkup.

women empowerment
Women Empowerment

There are many people in this world, who have faced these situations or not, they are standing there as a pillar and fighting for the rights and freedom of women. They are battling with the world every day, to gain equal respect and opportunity as a man.

Today situations have grown better. Many social reformers and feminists have come forward. Women are proving themselves in every field, right from the education field to being the CEO. I don’t understand why women were kept illiterate in the past. An educated woman can make many generations better.

Once Priyanka Chopra had a conversation on feminism and women empowerment in an interview. One statement of Priyanka Chopra is so true,

“When we talk about equality and opportunity, we talk about cerebral opportunity. We are not saying I want to be 200 pounds like a man. We are saying you get the ability to get a job, to be the CEO and nobody questions when you are driven at 50 and have three children, how you are managing it all? Don’t question me. That’s what I am saying. I can be the CEO and a mother.”

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