Kaala Trailer Review

After the success of Kabali, Super star Rajnikanth is all set to hit the big screens under the production of Dhanush, with his next Action packed film ‘Kaala’. Kaala marks Ranjith’s second collaboration with Rajinikanth after the equally politically loaded Kabali(2016). Slated to be released on 7th June, 2018, Kaala is the talk of the town with […]


How to make an acting profile for Auditions?

How to make your Acting Profiles for Auditions? We all have been actors at some point. We were professionals at acting coy in front of our teachers when we didn’t do our homework. We were professionals at acting innocent in front of our parents after a mischievous act. We were professionals at acting cool in […]

Good Short film

Basics to Consider to Make a Good Short Film

Film making is an art. Some filmmakers might say it is a battle where you need to slay the dragon of obstacles to create a beautiful film. To many it is a beautiful journey where they make memories along the way of becoming a featured filmmaker. To many it is an expression of their own […]

dialogue making

Efficient Usage of Dialogues in films

“Two monologues do not make a dialogue”, said Jeff Dally. Then what makes a dialogue. In this article, we are going to discuss to about the importance of dialogues in a film. Earlier movies were all musicals. Modern age filmmakers believe that silent films are the purest form of films. It puts forward the message […]

Film school-Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of going to film school

  Filmmaking is an art. It is not what you see but rather what you make others see. The main focus lies on the point that you get your point across without having to give out an explanation. All you need to succeed in life is dedication, determination and that one idea that changes your […]