Importance of Subtitles in shortfilms

Hmm…so you are love-struck by Hollywood movies but are not familiar with English? You are enamored by Tamil short films but Tamil is not domestic to you? So how do you comprehend those films made in languages not accustomed to you? Well, it is through subtitles that you can have the pleasure of enjoying the […]

How to come up with ideas for short films?

Scratching your head to dig out some catchy ideas for a short film? Well, here are some tips to under lock those peachy ideas whirling and wheeling in your brainbox.   Observation Observe and reflect upon the things around to aid bonzer ideas to pop up in your mind. Film the world around, contemplate the […]

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Benefits of Participating In Film Festivals!

Exposure & Manifest of Talent Film festivals bestow filmmakers the largest platform to demonstrate and uncover their hidden talent and knack. It is through this momentous platform, that filmmakers can unveil their artistry to a voluminous and global audience. When makers submit a film to a festival, they most importantly acquire the acceptance of the […]

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Why Make Short?

Every viewer and maker of a short film must be having an uncertainty racing in his/her mind -’ why make short films?’ Well the answer is clear and straightforward. #1 Budget A larger film requires tremendous money, substantial casting, prodigious substances and location. An idea or concept has to be presented and flaunted in a […]

Attribute of a Good Scriptwriter!

Patience-the backbone of a script writer! “He that can have patience can have what he will” -Benjamin Franklin Scriptwriters have to develop scripts based on their own creative ideas and innovative outlook. It is a scriptwriter who pioneers a project or a film through his ingenious thinking. They are responsible for elucidating the story in […]

A1 Strategies for an Exemplary Short film!

It is a dream of every director to make a sublime and imposing short film that will pay-off as a delightful one. Here is a guide to directors who want to make smashing short film. #1 A quirky story Originality is held high in esteem. Directors should strive for inventive and original work. A seminal […]

Modus operandi for funding Short films!

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell The biggest hindrance short film makers face when they want to build a film is the problem of finance. A film comprises of cast and crew, equipment, locations, animations etc. which entail money. Short film makers have to […]

It’s a New Year!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”- Brad Paisley. Shortfundly has traversed this one year journey with the immense support of its filmmakers. The voyage was filled with gratification, hard work, dynamism, perseverance and success. We are now moving into a new year with high spirits, vigor, […]

Tips to market your Short film

#1 Social Networking- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vines, Pin interest In today’s digital and mechanized world the supreme and unparalleled way to reach out to millions of audience is through social networking sites. To get your short film recognition it is necessary to have an active page on social media. There no more preferred way than […]

Tips to Market Your Short Film in online

Tips to Market Your Short Film with Shortfundly

Short film filmmakers have sweated their brows on making short films and have endeavored to get their films noticed. The unexcelled way to get your film distinguished is to market your short film is through the platform of Shortfundly. Why Choose Shortfundly? Shortfundly is in association with bumper film festivals. On the Shortfundly site, you […]

Shortfundly Integrates with Klick Ideas!

Shortfundly has freshly teamed up with Klick Ideas to work jointly on a film festival. What is Klick Ideas? Klick Ideas is a platform for showcasing your talent and technique in photography and short films. It is an ideal stage where you can materialize your photography and short film making artistry. The institute conducts theme […]

Cracking Tidings for Developers!

Shortfundly pioneers the developer platform. This is a newfangled initiative by Shortfundly to support developers and programmers. By dint of this platform programmers can get in touch with latest trending films. On this creative page you can get the latest short films details, read short film experts profile, short film data and more. To know […]

Fish out the short film experts on the Shortfundly

Shortfundly brings to you an easy-peasy way of hunting short film experts, makers and directors. Visit Shortfundly’s browse page and explore short film professionals. What does the page hold? The Shortfundly search page incorporates a total of 509 short film specialists. You can follow them, view their profiles, know their location and message them. The […]

hindi short film review by shortfundly

Bus mei Babaall – A Hindi Short film Review

Bus mei Babaal is a Hindi short film directed by Mr.Pratik Shetty. This educative short film has 84 views in its account. The short film is about the recent intolerance statement given by a popular Bollywood celebrity. The film is directed towards the common man educating him not to make a mountain of a molehill […]