Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles – 2018

What would be the best way to bring together the diverse of audience? What would be the way to make diversities blend together and create a magic? Festival! Yes Indian Film Festival is back in Los Angeles this year to create a blast, again. The 16th Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles is going […]

Block Chain and Fujifilm

Technology is growing…rapidly, at that. The worrying factor of the technology growth has always been security. With the advent of Block Chain Technology, these security problems are going to be gone! Block Chain was introduced to go with the cryptocurrency. This technology is surely a breakthrough in security of data over internet. Block Chain makes […]

Let’s Picturize!

A good story needs to be told. And Film-making is one of the ways to tell a good story. Film making doesn’t just tell a story, it gives a vision that a storyteller wants the audience to see. Short films are the starting step for every film maker. Have a story to tell?     […]