and - an animation short film review

AND…?- an animation short film review

Before reviewing any short film, we need to keep some aspects in mind about it like meaningfulness, story planning and its efficiency of delivering the message in a limited amount of time, effort applied and many other smaller aspects which contribute to a successful and a meaningful short film, which not only makes us wonder, […]

Manasanamaha tamil short film review

Manasanamaha – Tamil shortfilm review

Manase namaha – The Tamil dubbed version of Telugu short film Manasanamaha written and directed by Deepak. Falling in love is something very personal and everyone has their own point of view to it. Manase Namaha is Surya’s perspective of love concluded through the experiences from his past relationships. The film begins with the love […]

ponnira malai tamil shortfilm review by shortfundly

Amazing – “Ponnira malai” Tamil Short film review

In a society like ours where love is almost considered as a sin, marrying our loved ones that too with our parent’s approval isn’t that easy. Ponnira malai’s leads karthi and taaru too are in the same situation. When it comes to convincing parents personality and attitude of boy/girl becomes secondary. Community, tradition, background comes […]

Nepotism and Bollywood - unknown secrets revealed

Do you know Nepotism and Bollywood are very close?

Since the death of the veteran actor, Sushant Singh Rajput at his flat on the 14th of July 2020, there has been a lot of disturbance amongst the fans, and most commonly baffled is Bollywood. Losing a star to the nepotism trap has flared an outrage amongst the fans over twitter over the “movie mafia” […]

Interesting facts I bet you never know about Sushant Singh Rajput

Interesting facts I bet you never know about Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh was an astrophysics enthusiast by passion        Sushant Singh Rajput had a lot of interest in science and technology. He ranked 7th in DCE Entrance Exam back in 2003. He secured admission to the Bachelor of Engineering class at Delhi College of Engineering. Sushant often used to intently gaze at the celestial bodies through […]

How to calculate the cost of shooting any short film

How to calculate the cost of shooting any short film?

The budget of a short film is all about the contents in the film the director wants to add, so we can now classify them into three basic parts: Pre production : Before you get into production of short films there are a couple of things you need to get done : The total length […]

OTT Platform vs Theatres in india

Top OTT Platforms vs Theatres – Who will survive?

Since the emerging sector of cinema in our country, India has been noticed to show a great profit zone for investors, distributors, cinema theatre owners. But due to recent times in this lockdown, we have seen a great fall in the number of footsteps into cinema halls and instead of the emerging of OTT platforms […]

Brand video advertising - Best practices, tools & techniques for entrepreneurs & startups

Brand video advertising – Best practices, tools & techniques for entrepreneurs & startups – Digital gurukul & shortfundly online session

Hi, Our shortfundly team conducts a webinar with digitalgurukul to help better understanding of digital marketing & student entrepreneurs to build digital video ad strategies and share tips to increase brand awareness via video advertising for professionals & student-owned startups. About Digitalgurukul: It provides you with the most up-to-date and valuable Industry skills. Our aim is to create expert […]

Top pros & cons of OTT platforms in India

Top pros & cons of OTT platforms in India

Hi, Shortfundly team help filmmakers to get connected with a movie buff audience. As a community platform, we keep interacting with fellow members on our platform. We got to know a really useful knowledge sharing session by Vasudevan Mohan Watch this OTT platform bros and cons session by him in tamil. If you feel this […]


Top 9 work from home essential tools list for men & women

Hi, During this COVID-19 lockdown period, The Shortfundly team entirely started working from home. We collected individual feedback and love to share this with you. An essential list of work from home tools for women: Sanitized workspace. Headphone. Sticky notes. To-do list. Work planner diary. Favorite Clutch to hold the messy hair. Lip gloss and […]

Free webinar on brand video ads - covid19 lockdown special show

Free webinar on video advertising – covid19 lockdown special show

Hi, Shortfundly team planned to do a webinar session on this topic – “Brand Video Advertising – Best Practices, Tools & techniques” with digital gurukul to showcase a webinar on this covid19 lockdown period. View this post on Instagram Announcing our 6th speaker- M Selvam (Founder & CEO – Shortfundly, Mumbai) for “Digital Masterclass series” […]

Top 2020 Udemy courses for FREE in COVID-19 lockdown

Learn: Top Udemy courses for FREE in COVID-19 lockdown

Hey here I bring you the latest Udemy courses that have gone FREE GO and grab them ASAP Complete Angular Authentication | Course CertifiedApply Coupon : 4137F536DA07A202AD6B [100%OFF] SEO 2020: Training with SEO Expert for Beginner’sApply Coupon : B9E8E02203DBBACAAD1A [100%OFF] Python Programming Beginners Tutorial : Python 3 ProgrammingApply Coupon : PYTHON_APRIL [FREE] MERN Stack Master […]

Nawazuddin Siddiqui in - OP Stop Smelling Your Socks - Shortfilm review
alternative online tools to Vimeo, YouTube in the segment of the short film

AIR 2040 Award-winning Short film Review

Hi, Shortfundly act as a connecting platform for creative filmmakers and movie buff audience. Today we have noticed a wonderful short film and start writing a review about it. Here you go. This film is a futuristic concept set in 2040, revolves around the conversation between a couple. They have illustrated the perks that the […]