Ithu Thano Penne Album Song Review- Sound of Love

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The song seems to be designed to show off a few interesting elements of love.  The synths used are symbolic of love, while the mild beats and the lyrics give us an idea that the hero Rajeev Prasad is a man of love. Heroine Subha Kani renders this song with so much grace and dynamics. Singer Rabi Mouria has a unique bass voice that could be used in different dynamics and he does that in style with this song. Surya played completely magic with the composition and usage of tones stay within his limits, making us want something we haven’t heard a lot of.

A natural and grounded feel is brought into the song with the superb use of the cinematography by Samuel. Balakumaran gives his trademark touch to the lyrics and to the direction. Just as the title suggests, this tune and progression of this song give us the feeling of pain in love. Ultimately, this seems to be the song that will accompany a love sequence. A big shout out to the entire team who worked on performing and arranging this track.

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