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Making small budget shortfilm

Things I learned while making small budget Shortfilm

Making Small Budget Shortfilm Making small budget shortfilm with the availability of today’s technology has become a relatively simple attempt for us.  Assuming that you own a prosper computer, a digital camcorder and some kind of editing software, you are basically ready to go.  Add some decent actors, a simple script and you’re a filmmaker! […]

Shortfilm makers frequently asked questions about shortfundly

What is Shortfundly? Shortfundly curates the best from shortfilm / independent film makers to make sure indies have an audience. Short film filmmakers have worked hard to create these incredible films. Movie lovers deserve to be able to see them! You can learn more about Shortfundly, and even get to know the team! Do I […]

New web platform to support short films – shortfundly

If you have a knack of weaving a story out of your ideas and emotions with a flair of giving it a visual translation, head to shortfundly.com. With the aim to inject enthusiasm among budding filmmakers, the online shortfilm sharing portal (shortfundly) start collecting 20,000+ short films to different shortfilm categories from new age filmmakers. […]