When we get acquainted with the word films, we first remember it as the television. Accept it or not but that’s what a young mind has always culminated which gets carried well into the adulthood. But are films just something that can be broadcast on the televisions for the viewer’s entertainment and pleasure or is […]

AMAR, All Great Achievements Require Time

Amar is your small town boy who would be classified as yet another teenager living in a small city of north India. What sets him apart is his dogged determination to carve a niche for himself in the uber world out there. Being the eldest son in a lower middle class family of five is […]


Alone time revolves around your quintessential working woman in the huge city of New York. Tired of her daily routine comprising of eat,sleep, work,repeat pattern and living in her apartment with some really unruly neighbours, she decides to go off camping all by herself. The shot portray her travel from the concrete jungle to a […]